The Ridge Kennel, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, near the West Virginia border, is gradually becoming known for healthy, quality dogs. The key, of course, is starting with healthy pups from health tested parents and continuing to keep close track of the health of the puppies we produce. All of our dogs are CERF tested for cataracts and SLT-PRA, and all of our dogs are OFA'd for hip dysplasia and LCP. We carefully research pedigrees to find the best match for the bitch, choosing only dogs that are also CERF clear and OFA good or excellent.
Our puppies are all house raised, and do not leave us until they are at least 8 weeks old. We microchip all pups before they go to their new homes, and each puppy will have had at least one worming and be current on their puppy shots. All puppies are sold with a health guarantee.
All litters are assessed at 8 weeks by experts of that breed to determine which puppies would do well in a show home, and which would best go to pet homes. The pups are socialized and exposed to various situations such as those in the Rules of Seven.
Please feel free to cruise our site, look at our dogs, and contact us if we can in any way help you in your search for the perfect dog for you.

Rules of Seven

By the time a puppy is 7 weeks old, it should have :
BEEN on 7 different surfaces:
carpet, concrete,
wood, vinyl,
grass/dirt, gravel,
PLAYED with 7 different types of objects:
hard rubber balls
soft fabric toys
fuzzy balls
squeaky toys
metal items
wooden items
paper/cardboard items
plastic items
BEEN in 7 different locations:
yard, basement.
kitchen, car,
bathroom, crate,
laundry room
BEEN exposed to 7 challenges:
climbed a box
climbed off a box
go thru a tunnel
climbed up steps
go in and out doorway with a step
climbed over obstacles
climbed down steps
EATEN from 7 different containers:
metal, plastic,
cardboard, paper,
china, pie plate,
frying pan
EATEN in 7 different locations:
crate, kitchen,
yard, basement,
bathroom, x-pen,
MET & PLAYED WITH 7 new people:
including children and the elderly